Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

We are a full service wedding planning company with multiple wedding planning
collections to best fit your needs and budget on the day of your special event.

Browse our various collection options below. We also offer a la carte service!
Please contact us for details, we are here to help!

Absolutely Stylish

This collection is for the bride and groom who would like to plan everything on their own, but understand the importance of a professional coordinator to handle the final details to ensure that their carefully planned out vision is executed smoothly and successfully. We will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

Purely Luxurious

This collection is for the couples who have already begun planning, such as, selecting a location and securing some vendors but seek guidance for the remainder of the planning. We will provide assistance for the remainder of the planning process with budget, design assistance, vendor referrals and unlimited professional advice to ensure a stress-free planning experience and wedding day.

Completely Opulent

This collection is the ultimate in luxury. Perfect for our cultural events, destination wedding, busy, or an out-of-town couple that wants to make all of the decisions regarding the wedding, but does not have time for the details and arrangements. This is for the couples that need assistance from the very beginning, until the honeymoon departure. With your direction we will research, arrange, manage, and execute your dream day!

Solely Graceful

This is the ultimate in event planning assistance! You know you need a planner, but just not quite sure what for! This is a great service that we provide for our clients who need just a little help along the way but has an amazing friend or family member that can take over on your special day!

Sincerely Majestic

This is a an awesome collection where you can meet with one of our experienced event designers and pick their design brain to your hearts content! Let’s talk about all the pretty stuff together and make your dream wedding come to life!

Modestly Classic

We love to help you design it but who’s going to set it all up for you? We can! This is perfect for the DIY, Do it yourself, kind of client or an arts/crafts type that only needs to get it done that day and nothing else!


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