Top Ten Wedding Trends for 2021: Up and Coming

October 25, 2021

As wedding planners, we have seen just about every trend there is come and go. Some we loved, and some we wished would speed up their fifteen minutes of fame and move on to another industry pronto.

With an industry like wedding planning that is ever-evolving, we’ve rounded up these top ten wedding trends. Simply Elegant is here to turn these trends into realities for our brides.

First Look with Bridal Party

This may be the oldest trend on the list but even then, it’s only peaked its popularity in the last 5 years. A simple ask of your photographer and mentioned to your coordinator can make this happen as a part of the “dress moment”. You may have had some of your bridal party picking out your dress with you, but there is something so speechless about the full glitz and glam of this moment. This is a fun surprise for your whole bridal party as you reveal the look in its entirety as a bride!  We’ll make sure you have tissues handy.

First Look with the Groomsmen

Similar to #1 this is a fresh idea commonly done instead of the first look with your Fiancé. How fun is it to surprise your groomsmen with your dress first. And the best part? They get to go back to your hubby and boast about how stunning you look!

Embroidered Veils

We are here for the drama, and honestly… can thank Hailey Bieber for this one. Bieber made a splash when her wedding photos were released revealing an extra lengthy veil and a simple node to the couple’s vows that promised: “Till death do us Part”.

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Live Painters

This trend exploded on #weddingtiktok and may be our most unique to the list. Many couples have chosen to hire a live painter for moments of the day that we all wish we could “freeze the picture” like your first dance, ceremony, or open dancing at your reception. Check out these live painters’ accounts on Tik Tok be blown away by this trend! @watchmaggiepaint , @torregrossafineart , @tashspaints

Pet Ring Bearers

This one we’re hoping stays and keeps getting better, this trend has actually been around for about 10 years, but the accessories for your fur babies have upped their ante. Brides are considering many different options and details when it comes to including their furry friend in their special day. Questions like, bandana, or flower crown? Leash or No leash? Flower Leash? Pet tuxedo? Ring Security Costume? Whatever you decide to go with, having your pet be a part of one of the biggest days of your life is definitely a fan favorite. >>

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Live Streams during the Ceremony

We couldn’t escape this list without having one trend come from what we like to call “the time of the COVID brides”. When a slim amount of guests were allowed to attend or maybe you couldn’t have even host your wedding at all, live streams saved the day. This is a modern and realistic way to have family and friends who can’t make it to the day still be a part of the moment. This has become particularly popular with couples that choose to elope but don’t want their friends and family to feel left out. We’re okay if this technology advancement hangs around while we need it.

Dried florals and pampas grass

The new business boom of dried florals has definitely made its way onto the wedding scene. Florals can be one of the bigger expenses when it comes to your wedding. Dried florals give the perk of keeping those arrangements for longer and serves the niche bride that has a specific vision for her wedding day. Another addition to the floral industry in more recent months is pampas grass. A beautiful addition if you’re a bride who loves neutrals or is going towards a boho-chic atmosphere. Pro Tip: Make sure your venue allows pampas grass for large statement pieces like your alter since the wind can make a mess out of it.

Dress Code Wedding and Color Schemes

This is a trend we see picking up in the years to come. It may be an unspoken kind gesture to dress the color scheme of a wedding but not required. Dress codes aren’t new to the wedding scene, they are often found right on the invitation. Some brides are opting in to have their entire wedding party in the same color, and even, if it’s white. This occurs in the hopes that guests will dress in the colors creating a very aesthetically pleasing look to the bride’s vision. Benefit? Makes for great pictures, commonly seen on destination beach weddings.

Private Last Dance

A “private last dance” is where the bride and groom get to have a dance to themselves. During the last song, the DJ will ask everyone to prepare for the grand getaway. All while Bride and Groom dance together one last time for the night. If you are planning an elaborate getaway, you may want to consider this option. As it works well to distract guests and gives you extra time on the dance floor with your hunny. This also allows time for planners help usher guests out and makes sure their couple’s exit will be well executed.

Cascading Bridal Bouquets

Cascading Bridal Bouquets…the trend has been here for a minute but it feels more like a come and go. This style of bouquet is great for a boho or folky vibe. This is also a great option for brides who are allocating a large portion of their budget to florals. Cascading bouquets differ from the more traditional style by creating a larger arrangement of big flowers up top. While mixed with natural-looking foliage drape down the bottom. Instead of having your stems arranged in an upward position, the cascading bouquets are layered so the florals can drape.

Which latest wedding trend is your favorite? The top ten trends could stay or go. Either way, we are so excited to be ever-evolving with the wedding industry and our brides. We can’t wait to see what 2022 will hold for more upcoming wedding trends!


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