Being the Best Best Man

December 16, 2019

Being the Best Best Man

Being the best man is the highest friend honor. Supporting your friend in their journey into this next phase of life can be difficult, but this list will ensure you’re absolutely prepared.

Being well-prepped will ensure that you are the talk of the town, as well as protect your groom from day-of mishaps that will be sure to occur.

It’s basically like having a baby bag for your giant baby of a best friend. Read below to see recommendations of what to have on-hand!


  1. Weekender Bag


Weekender bags are the first step to your pro groom-assistance kit; you can’t carry everything yourself!
This bag is big enough to carry everything you will need day-of, and will show off your next-level class. With a carry handle and strap, it is transportable and easy to use.

This specific bag is amazing, as it is customizable in color, font and has two-letter personalization. You can easily match the wedding theme and be the success of the wedding party!


Shop this item: ​Etsy Weekender Bag

  1. Journal



A journal can seem unnecessary for an emergency wedding kit, but is actually incredibly useful! All the day-of errands that need to be done can be captured in this to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Most importantly, it will prevent you from walking up on stage for your speech with a crumpled cocktail napkin.Make the best impression for yourself and the wedding party by carrying this sophisticated, sleek, personalizable journal around with you on the big day.

Shop this item: ​

  1. Pimple Patches


Wedding stress, bachelor party shenanigans and nervous sweats all have one thing in common: they are the culprits of overnight pimples. Make sure to have these on hand for all the party boys in case of emergency.

These pimple patches are great– not only are they fast acting, but they’re completely transparent, so they won’t be an eyesore!These super sonic patches will save all of the wedding party and make you look extra prepared.

Shop this item: ​Cosrx, Acne Pimple Master Patches

   4.  Deodorant

Deodorant is obviously a daily essential, and hopefully everyone will have their own supply.
That doesn’t mean you can’t save the day by having these on hand.

Stress sweat is a special kind of powerful, so you need to have powerful deodorant on hand. These are not only in a convenient wipe style, but are advertised as being waterproof and lasting up to seven days!

Users have confirmed that they are effective on the neck, under the arms, or anywhere else a nervous groom can show sweat stains.

Be the man of the hour by keeping everyone sweat-free on the big day!

Shop this item here: ​Sweat Shield Ultra


  1. Caffeinated Energy Bars

Another wonderful side effect of stress: you become easily tired! Not to mention this will be an incredibly long and hectic day so caffeine can be your best friend on the big day.

As essential as caffeine is, it can also give you major jitters on its own. Try some caffeinated energy bars instead!

These bars have a great proportion of nutrients and are highly caffeinated as well. They’re a perfect pick me up for anyone in the wedding party!


Shop this item: ​Verb Energy Bars


  1. Instant Stain Stick


We all know that, despite being fully functional adults, accidents happen. And, let’s face it, you spent too much renting that tux to get a stain on it.

Extra perks include: impressing that cute bridesmaid, keeping the bride happy, and being the savior of the day!

Keep everyone clean with this instant stain remover stick. Its pocket sized, and extra small!

Shop this item: ​

  1. Scuff Remover

Crep is one of the top shoe care bands in the country, and for good reason! From protectant to cleaner and odor repellent, they’ve got you covered.

You have 12 chances to fix your shoes with this brand! Don’t let yourself be embarrassed on the dance floor with scuffed shoes. These wipes are perfect for pre-wedding prep and for those pesky day-of accidents.

Hoping you didn’t rent your shoes too, you want to make sure that your fancy dress shoes stay in good shape.


Shop this money: ​Crep Protect Wipes

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