Some Simply Elegant Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue!

November 16, 2018

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue… this age-old tradition just never gets old! The origin of an ancient English rhyme… this ritual was meant to represent good luck and best wishes on your wedding. Your Simply Elegant team has some ideas for you to take this tradition and make it something truly special!


Something Old

This just has to be our favorite of the bunch! Weddings are so sentimental, to begin with, but bringing in a family heirloom or a decade’s old item that reminds you of your loved ones is sure to start the day off with some waterworks. Use this part of the tradition to really make your loved ones feel included and special. A piece of jewelry from your grandma’s collection, your mom’s veil… you could even wear a spritz of your great grandma’s old Chanel No. 5 perfume. Did you mom save her wedding dress? Instead of opting to wear it, take a part of the lace and tie it around your bouquet!


Something New

Let’s be honest here, you get a whole lot of “something new” when you get married so this one is not too hard to come up with! You could go with your dress, your ring, new shoes, or you could get a little bit more creative. Are you and your future hubby buying a house together or moving into an apartment? Incorporate the key to your home together to represent your new life! Tie it to your bouquet or wear it in your shoe like they used to do with a sixpence in the olden days! Lastly, you could incorporate the name you are taking post marriage. This one is sure to make your future man very happy. Monogram it to the inside of your dress or engrave it on the bottom of your shoes!


Something Borrowed

A bride used to observe the tradition of “something borrowed” because she was meant to figuratively borrow the joy of a fellow bride who has had a long and happy marriage. Borrowing an item of that bride was meant to be good luck to your future matrimony. So, borrow an item from a happy couple or just a girl friend that you love! You could borrow some of the usual things, jewelry from a bride’s wedding day, your sister’s veil, your mom’s garter or you could go a bit unusual and borrow the first dance song of a couple that you love or borrow the bible of a family member for scripture readings.



Something Blue

Last, but not least, something blue! Blue is meant to represent purity, love, and fidelity! There are countless ways to incorporate blue into your bridal look. It can be an obvious use of blue, very subtle, or even completely hidden! There are no rules here! It all depends on your wedding and your color scheme. If blue is one of your colors, put some gorgeous blue flowers in your bouquet or use a blue ribbon to wrap it all together. You could also wear a blue garter, some blue Manolo’s (we wish!) or paint your nails a light blue. Lastly, hair accessories and earrings are a great way to incorporate something blue into your bridal look.


Our best advice is to use this quirky tradition to bring your loved ones in on all the fun and sentiment! They will feel so touched that you wanted to celebrate and remember them on your big day and it will make everything all the more special. You never know, your “something new” might become your future daughter’s “something old”! So, take you time and pick some truly significant and meaningful items to fulfill this custom.




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