Simply Bridesmaid Dresses: You Said Yes to Your Dress, Now Say Yes to Theirs!

July 23, 2018

Bridesmaid Dresses: You Said Yes to Your Dress, Now Say Yes to Theirs!

Color, cut, comfort and cohesiveness… the four C’s of a one of a kind bridesmaid dress! This and just a few more things need to be considered when picking out your best girls’ dresses. You have different skin tones, body types, styles… and personalities!  To ensure a happy and beautiful bridal party, let’s dive into all that you need to consider when choosing these dresses.


First things first, lock down a color scheme. Dresses should be chosen AFTER a wedding color scheme is set in stone. Whether your dresses compliment this color scheme or are the color scheme, this is your very first step.


Once you have done this, consider dress colors. These days you can really get creative with your bridesmaid dresses. You can have them all the same color, choose a few colors or even a color spectrum. If you decide you want to keep it simple and stick with one color, consider having the girls in different styles to add an element of chic to your bridal party. An advantage to this is that you can dress each girl based on her body type. This brings us to… cut!


The cut of your dresses is very important. Long, short, long sleeve, sleeveless, off the shoulder… the list goes on and on! For this, you need to look to your girls. Are they all a similar body type or all over the map? Choosing a cut that tailors to each or most of your friends will not only look the best for pictures, but your bridesmaids will feel more comfortable and beautiful for your big day.


Next, we need to talk comfort. This “C” word is not the most popular when it comes to weddings, but still must be considered now or regretted later. This means fabric, dress length and sleeve length need to work for the venue and the time of year. If your wedding is in the summer, choose a moisture-wicking fabric that’s not too heavy. For a fall or winter wedding consider a dress with some sort of sleeve that will keep your girls from shivering all night.


Now bring it all together! Take the cut, color, and comfort and create a cohesive bridesmaid look that matches the theme of your wedding, the feel of your venue and the style of your wedding dress. This is where it all comes together! Choosing these dresses for your bridal party is a great way to bring your friends in on the wedding planning. They want to help and they will be wearing these dresses after all! A second pair of eyes (or a third or fourth) will help ensure a cohesive, gorgeous and one of a kind set of bridesmaid dresses for your best gals.








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