Spring or Summer Wedding, Yes Please!

April 15, 2014

As spring is coming to a close, the number of weddings in Arizona seems to hinder away.  And who can blame anyone to not want a Summer wedding in skyrocketing heat? However, there are still some brave souls out there who choose to do a wedding over the summer in Arizona; and there are some perks! A lot of venues and vendors lower their prices during this season so you could get more of the dream wedding you thought you couldn’t afford!

Here are some tips on how to survive the heat and have the most successful summer wedding that your guests will be happy they didn’t miss!

 One of the most important decisions you first need to make is the color. This deciphers all of the rest of your decisions from flowers to linens to bridesmaid dresses. Summer colors are so much fun! The bright and vibrant colors will liven up your entire day!


Image   Image

 As much as we recommend having an indoor wedding, some people still choose to have an outdoor ceremony. If this is your choice, try to have things to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Have chilled water bottles available or fun ice cream popsicles! You can also get creative and make your program into a fan for your guests!

Image ImageImage

There are some really cute favors you can give your guests with a summer wedding! Giving them fun sunglasses with your wedding date on them is a cute, fun, and a creative wedding favor. That is also a chance to get some fun pictures to remember your day!

Image  Image
So don’t get frightened away by the summer heat, if your dream has always been to have a summer wedding there is a way to make it just as beautiful as any other wedding during prime season. Just remember to stay cool, hydrated, and of course have fun!

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