A Winter Wedding in AZ!

August 30, 2013

To me, winter is about snow, intimate family gatherings, and hot chocolate. Unfortunately there is not a lot of snow in Arizona unless you’re heading north to Flagstaff. Good thing there are so many beautiful ways to recreate a winter wonderland no matter where your wedding is.

What do you think of when you picture snow in your head? For me, I think of the beautiful bright color white and how it seems to sparkle like little jewels when the sun hits it on an especially cold winter day. Winter weddings should sparkle! Do not be afraid of using jewels, crystals, and candles to give that glittering ice and snow effect to a space. For a more personal touch, add diamonds and clear jewels to the handle of your bouquet. If you have ever seen the snowy woods of the Midwest, you’ll notice how the dark leafless trees contrast the bright white snow. Winter is about contrasts. Think about using wood chairs with big white flower details and centerpieces with large branches, sparse white flowers, hanging crystals and candles. Winter is also about intimate and cozy gatherings. So what do you do when you have a large wedding? Lighting is a great way to change the mood a room. Darker blues will add to the winter theme as well as make a large room seem smaller and more intimate. Group candles on tables and around the room will provide a soft warm glow reminiscent of a cozy fireplace.

It’s impossible to think about the holidays and not think about the wonderful dinners we share with our families. Put a twist on the traditional wedding happy hour with family favorite appetizers and holiday treats. Hot coco bars are an exciting way to engage your guests – the warm treat will bring back memories and get people reminiscing. Add a splash of Baileys and now you have a signature drink that will really warm people up.

Winter weddings in Arizona can be a challenge, but it does come with amazing perks. First, it’s warm during the winter here and second, the sky’s the limit for how far you want to take you winter theme! If you have a winter wedding and can’t quite seem to bring it together, Simply Elegant Décor would love to help make your big day a winter wonderland.


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